Aviation, cybersecurity and countering terrorist threats

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Our CEO, Pete Cooper will be in Montreal at the ICAO AVSEC Symposium speaking on aviation, cybersecurity and countering terrorist threats.

Aviation has long been an attractive target for terrorism and our CEO, Pete Cooper, will be in Montreal to speak at and help facilitate a workshop organized by ICAO, INTERPOL and the UN Office of Counter Terrorism.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2341 (2017) on protection of critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks, brought focus on the challenge and efforts to protect Critical National Infrastructure. The compendium of good practice compiled and published by CTED and UNOCT in 2018 was put together to help support all stakeholders in this challenge, but what about civil aviation?

Aviation has long been an attractive target in that category but is now facing rapidly increasing connectivity and technology along with increasingly advanced adversaries.  What does this mean for the nature of the threats civil aviation is now facing and how does it collaborate to understand, strategize mitigate and manage this next generation of risks? https://www.icao.int/Meetings/AVSEC2019/Pages/Critical-Infrastructure.aspx

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