Ignoring history or V for Victory: Cybersecurity through the lens of the past

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Our CEO, Pete Cooper, will be the speaker for the Nominet Member evening at the Churchill War Rooms

The setting of the Churchill War Rooms is a fitting one to discuss our current cyber security challenges.  Besieged on all sides, limited resources, multiple global threat actors with significant capability and intent but little morals and ethics, complex and difficult collaborations and the very real prospect of failure. The challenges of the past are also the challenges of the future, in the darkest days of WW2, it wasn't just the military that were on the front line, the entire country and global world order was also. The similarities of what we are currently facing in cyber security are significant.  But what can we learn from history and what does success look like for us in this constant, cybered conflict?  Churchill understood the complexity and difficulty of the challenge and didn't just seek success in technical capability.  This was ultimately a human story that highlights the challenge, nature and importance of leadership, the criticality of collaboration and teamwork and the need for diversity in all it's forms.  Through the lens of critical moments in history this talk will bridge where we have been, where we are and what we can achieve.

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