About Pavisade

We are independent cyber strategy advisors with experience of working with international organisations, governments and enterprises large and small.


Our focus areas include the development of cyber security strategy, internationally, nationally and organisationally, fostering trusted collaborations across diverse stakeholders, cyber security exercises at any scale, advising on everything from legal active cyber defence strategies to recruitment and training.

Our chief executive, Pete Cooper has extensive international experience across business, government, academia and research. He is also an Atlantic Council Cyber Statecraft Senior Fellow and the founder and Director of the UK’s only student cyber strategy challenge, designed to develop and highlight the next generation of cyber security leadership.  Additionally, in 2018 he was judged 12th on a list of global cyber security influencers by IFSEC.

He is the author of ‘Finding Lift, Minimising Drag’, which explores the cyber security challenges facing the global aviation sector and advised how regulation, policy and strategy should be developed nationally and internationally.

Prior to this, he was a Royal Air Force fast jet pilot and the Strategic Cyber Operations adviser to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Govt. Pete holds a Post Grad in Cyberspace Operations, was a guest lecturer on his own course and published on the topic of developing legal active cyber defence strategies.

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