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Strategic Cyber Security

Our Approach

Pavisade focuses on helping organisations understand their strategic cybersecurity risks and develop the leadership, culture, people and collaborations to help manage those risks.  It is focussed on driving long-term strategic benefits and not chasing short term technology fixes.  The benefits of this approach are strategies that have longevity, irrespective of the pace of adversary evolution or technology developments, bringing improvements at scale, organisationally, by sector, national or international.

The approach and experience of Pavisade has been demonstrated across multiple sectors, at global scale with complex and sensitive challenges.  When it comes to understanding and managing risk, Pavisade focusses on developing your cyber security strategy to counter adversary strategy, not just their technology; then we help you build the team and culture to deliver it and the partnerships to manage it.


Adversaries range from nation-states, trans-national terrorist organisations, organised criminal gangs and individuals.  Each adversary type has a different objective and strategy, Pavisade works with organisations to develop enough insight and understanding to not just get ahead of these threats but to also shape their behaviour.

We collaboratively develop strategy at all levels, international, national and organisational, working with diverse stakeholders ranging from manufacturers to international organisations to govts to the cyber security research community.

Culture & Leadership


The value of a technical cyber security product goes down from the minute it is purchased.  The value of investing in cyber security culture and leadership increases over time.  Pavisade works with boards and senior leadership to develop these critical but often overlooked aspects to build and gain value from every part of the organisation.  Bringing such a focus has resulted in organisations being able to better internally communicate about not just the risks but also mitigations with creativity and agility.

We cannot counter our threats or develop our mitigations if we don’t have high-performance, diverse, multi-disciplinary teams playing to their strengths.  Pavisade is able to help organisations develop these teams and ethos at scale, be that through development of skills policies, training and exercise programs and recruitment strategies.  Countering our cyber adversaries is a whole of organisation activity, Pavisade helps the leadership team achieve this.

Active Cyber Defence Strategies

Defending forwards

Where an organisation is able to, Pavisade also coaches on the development of legal Active Cyber Defense Strategies.  Taking a whole of organisation approach to pro-active defence from the Board down, Pavisade will help you shape how an adversary views you as a target, then layer in deception, psychology, and pro-active measures to not only better understand risk but actively reduce it.  Pavisade enables organisations to move beyond passive defence against their adversaries to an active one where you understand where they are going to attack, shape their behaviour and disrupt their long-term goals.